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Medical Billing Company

Oncology Medical Billing Services

We are committed to ascertaining;
Reduce denials | Boost Collection | Healthy Revenue Cycle Management

“Your expertise in oncology is vital for patients; Ours is Critical for Your Bottom Line.”

Oncology is a complicated and lengthy procedure that involves extensive treatment plans that combat and eliminate cancer. Therefore, the Oncology Medical Billing procedure requires meticulous medical documentation of treatment and immediate contact with insurance companies to reimburse. A precise medical billing and Coding after each phase of therapy ensure that your Oncology practice gets reimbursed appropriately. Apart from procedural intricacy, Oncology Medical Billing is subject to many modifications and restrictions. Furthermore, payers have a limited understanding of existing technology, which results in reduced reimbursements in practice due to a lack of knowledge of the process. Secondly, there are no reimbursement rules in place.

Why Outsourcing Oncology Medical Billing Is Important?

Outsourcing medical billing to a third party considerably reduces medical billing discrepancies, which speeds up reimbursement and payment processing. This improves efficiency and increases revenue generation. Additionally, a flawless processing system attracts more clients used to the pace of today’s digitalized atmosphere.

Applying Best Practices for Oncology Medical Billing

Our team of medical coders and billers is cognizant that oncology billing involves expensive therapies, cutting-edge technologies, extensive surgeries, chemotherapy, interventions for mental health, and drawn-out treatment plans. They can distinguish between “Bundled” procedures and additional procedures. Their expertise enables them to avoid the incorrect use of modifiers, preventing claim denials. Our team implements an effective, denial-free revenue management system for your practice because claim denials in oncology result in significant revenue loss. Our oncology expertise ranges from, but is not limited to:

Medical Billing Services for Oncologists

We offer oncology practitioners comprehensive coding, billing, and collection management services.

  • Effective Claim processing
  • Improved revenue collection with certified coders from AAPC or AHIMA. They are well aware of the oncology terminology and guideline.
  • Account Receivables Management for a flourishing revenue system.
  • Maintaining transparency throughout the cycle.
  • Codes are updated quarterly according to the Hematology specialty to avoid claim denials.
  • Quality control assessments
  • Practice management reports prepared by experts.
  • Meetings discuss progress and reports.
  • Keeping the flow of follow-up is impossible for medical staff as they are busy maintaining other important Oncology reports and documents.